A Girl Named Leney


A Vintage Shop

I came across these photos on my external hard drive and realized that I'd never shared them and had intended to! 

They're not the best, but for a mid week post I figured why not?

I went to this little road side antique/vintage shop on the way home from


mini road trip and I ended up going home with an awesome old Coca Cola crate and some old keys.

Though do you see the blue china? Yea I almost bought that. 

But I'm glad I didn't cause I like

the set I ended up getting

a lot more!

Looking around places like this has always been one of my favorite things to do though. Even if I don't end up buying anything. It's neat to look at old things and wonder what their stories are and what the people who used to own them were like.


What about you? 

Do you like looking around old vintage shops?