Captain Buzzy's Beanery

Captain Buzzy's Beanery is yet another cute coffee shop I've had the chance to check out recently.
You regular readers will probably recognize Mary from a few posts back. 
She and I also hit up Globehopper the same day actually!
I mean we were in the area, we figured why not?

Captain Buzzy's was lovely though.
We each got one of their "OMG" cookies and honestly, I don't even remember what was in it, but it was delicious. I wanted to take a whole plateful home...
Their sweet tea was also one of the best I've had in RVA.

I know you must think I can't possibly be as enthusiastic as I have been about all these things that I've tried at these places and that they must be paying me to compliment them. But seriously, I must have a gift with picking good first drinks and foods to try. Because so far I haven't been let down.
Or these places could just genuinely have good food...
One or the other.


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