A Girl Named Leney


Friday's Letters

Dear Avocado In The Fridge,
You are just askin to be made into guacamole. 
Watch out.

Dear iPhone,
I am just now discovering the wonders of Face Time.
 I know, it took me a little while. 
But hey, it's pretty fun.

Dear Fall Leaves,
You are so pretty. 
I'm so glad you're here.

Dear 4am,
You are not meant for online shopping.
Just sleeping.

Dear Sweatpants,
Even though I refuse to wear you in public you are so comfy.

Dear Chai Tea,
You're perfect.

Dear Camera,
I'm so glad you and I have so many dates this month.

Dear Everyone Who Tailgated Me This Week,
That's not going to make me go any faster.
If you want to get a speeding ticket, be my guest.