Meet Jordan.

He loves baseball.
Which you will soon see once you start looking at the photos.
In fact he was very patient with me as I attempted to pretend that I knew more than I did about baseball, as I had him pose around the bases and such. 
Sports just have never been one of my best attributes.
Or an attribute at all actually...
Anyway, we had a great afternoon and after getting used to me and my goofiness he warmed up to me and we bonded over our mutual craving for mexican food. 
And, despite his Mom's beliefs, I even got him to smile a couple of times!
His lovely girlfriend Morganne also came along and I got a few cute shots of them together as well, which are at the end.
See for yourself:


Check out more photos here.

 Morganne actually was so photogenic that I couldn't resist getting a few extra shots of her that I'm going to share tomorrow.
So make sure you check back for that!