Life According to Instagram

This week I...

-Posted the photos from the fashion show I was a part of a little while ago.
-Went PUMPKIN picking!
-Went APPLE picking!
-Ate lots of apple donuts.
-Posted photos from the fair (read as: posted photos of bunnies)
-Put up not one, but two new styles of cowls in the shop! Also some knit elephants! Check them out and get a head start on Christmas shopping.
-Shared a favorite quote
-Cut my bangs.
-Had a fun senior portrait session! Preview here. More to come!
-Made my first ever apple pie with my friend Julie. Yep. I did all that crust weaving. Never felt like more of a woman in my life.
-Had a super fun photoshoot with this lady. Cannot wait to share more pictures! She has a few previews up on her page already of some she took.