Now Presenting...

The new and improved Etsy shop!
It was one year ago today that I opened my shop, so I thought it was fitting that I should introduce the somewhat improved edition today.
(Well as much as you can improve an Etsy shop... I have a new banner and profile picture at least!)

I'm going to start offering a more consistent number of specific designs with the options of different colors for each piece, as well as a more cohesive look for all of the things I make.
Overall, I just want to start being more consistent.
So hopefully this is the start of that! 

I definitely couldn't be doing any of this without all the friends and family (and even a few strangers) who have helped me over this past year. From buying things themselves and promoting the shop, to taking photos for me or just giving words of support and encouragement. 
Thanks to all of you who helped make this a possibility.

I will be adding new things as the week goes on, but go ahead and check out a few of the new items and maybe get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

P.s. Happy October :)