I briefly mentioned over the weekend helping out with an event for The Gray Haven Project, a local organization here in Richmond that fights against human trafficking.
To talk a little more about it, it was a fundraiser which showcased art from artists all over the world. The showcase was titled "Episodes"- Illustrated Stories of Survivors of Sex Trafficking and depicted moving pieces of the artists interpretations of the before and after effects of human trafficking, with an emphasis on hope and restoration.
It was so beautifully put together and I only wished I'd had money to bid on one of the pieces!

All the proceeds from the silent auction and the ticket sales went to The Gray Haven Project and Designers Against Child Slavery, who also helped put the event together.

It was an amazing night and I loved being a part of it.
Not only that, but it was so cool seeing my photos on all of the Gray Haven's brochures and even on their new website!
I loved being able to use my God given abilities to help out such an amazing organization. 
Just goes to show that everyone can make a difference and use their talents and skills for good. :)

Anyway, here are a few photos from the night!


See more photos here.

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