A Girl Named Leney


Giving Thanks

So my Thanksgiving post isn't on Thanksgiving.

Mostly due to the fact that I've been so busy celebrating my


, which was on Thanksgiving this year, but also due to the fact that I think we should make it a point to remember and be thankful for things not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.

In fact, I'm still very thankful for all the things I was

last Thanksgiving


So I'd mostly just be repeating myself if I listed things here.

But I really am so blessed and I'm ashamed of the moments when I forget that.

I have more than I could ever dream of wanting or needing. My family is so amazing and I love them more than I can say, the same goes for my friends and their constant support of me.

Oh, and


is nice too.

But really, on top of all of that I get to pursue my dreams and goals and work towards doing what I want to do for a living. What more is there to be thankful for?

God is good.