A Girl Named Leney


Friday's Letters

Dear Peanut Butter,
I feel sorry for people who have peanut allergies and don't get to have you.
You are so tasty.

Dear Christmas Shoppers/Everyone,
Head to the shop to order some Christmas gifts!
You have until the 17th to get your orders in.

Dear Grinch,
You're a mean one.
But I love you.

Dear Weather,
Ok, the warmth has been kinda nice but it's December.
So act like it.
I didn't knit all those scarves, hats and sweaters so they could just sit in my closet all year round.

Dear Can Can,
I could totally go for some of your quiche right now.

Dear Light That Won't Light On One Side,
Whatsa matter with you?

Dear Etsy,
Can we keep it our little secret that I often get sidetracked on you for excessive amounts of time, browsing handspun yarn, handmade leather bags, and vintage bottle brush trees?
It's a problem I know.
The first step is admitting it.

Dear Minolta,
I'm so sorry I've had that same roll of film in you for ages now.
I promise I really will start using you more soon.
I do drag you everywhere though.
So it's not for a lack of trying.

Dear Hot Water Bottle,
Where have you been all my life?

Dear Readers,
Please don't judge me from any of the above....
It's been a long week.