Janelle Houston

So this post comes with a little bit of a story.
I met Janelle at The National when she and her friend and me and my friends were all standing in line to see Joseph Gordon Levitt.
(Okay so it was technically a HitREcord show, but we all know what we were really there for...)
My friends and I asked her to take a photo of us (we had to instagram, obviously) and then she asked us to take a photo of her and her friend as well.
Long story short, we got to talking, discovered one another's talents and she invited me to come to her album release party and set up a booth to sell some of my jewelry and take some photos of the event!
So I did.
The show was awesome, between the music, decorations and lovely people, we had so much fun.
Not to mention I bought her CD and I've been listening to it non stop!
I suggest you do the same.
She's one talented lady.
Her brother John Houston also played with her as well as another talented musician Ryan Scarberry who I oddly enough had seen play in Richmond about two years ago!
Talk about a small world right?
Anyway, it's been wonderful getting to know Janelle better. In the small amount of time I've known her I can already see what a kind and sweet person she is and I already know we're going to be friends for a long time to come!

Photo Cred: Cristoph Elliott
Photo Cred: Cristoph Elliott
 Photo Cred: Ambah Parkah Photography
  Photo Cred: Ambah Parkah Photography
  Photo Cred: Ambah Parkah Photography

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