Life According To Instagram

This week I...

- Got my hair trimmed finally. My darn bangs grow so fast...
-Tried out a new restaurant.
-Took a trip to DC for a day (no offense to anyone who lives there but I never want to live there... How do you stand the traffic??)
-Went to Ikea! One of my favorite places in the world. Now there's a place I could live...
-Had one of the best photoshoots to date with this girl. Cannot wait to share the rest!!
-Listened to a lot of Christmas music
-Saw The Hobbit (yes, I am a LOTR fan)
-Shared a new senior photo session. Go take a look!
- Received 400 likes on my Facebook page!! You guys are all awesome. Thanks to everyone who shared the page with their family and friends in order to make that happen! If you haven't liked it yet, go check it out. :)