Why Can't It Be Christmastime All Year?

Oh Christmas.
You always come and go so quickly.
Even the radio stations shut off your holiday cheer promptly at the stroke of twelve.
It's so sad. 
Good thing I have a playlist on itunes!
Around here we sort of draw out Christmas until December is over. 
We even left our tree up until March one year when I was a kid.
(Though I think that was mostly out of laziness rather than a fondness for the season...)
I had such a wonderful Christmas though. Really couldn't have asked for a better one!
I've already eaten far too much candy and I'm sure it won't last me til the end of the year...
It was so good getting to spend time with family though. 
I think that's something you definitely learn to cherish more as you get older around this time of year.
Because really, what's more important than your family?
Definitely not china teapots and new leather boots.

Though those things are nice too... ;)


What about you, did you have a good Christmas?