Lewis Update

Some of you ask about Lewis every so often and how he's doing.
He shows his little face in my week in review posts every so often, but I thought I would write an extra little post to let you know that he's doing well.
He's as ornery, saucy and grumpy as ever actually... but that's normal.
Doesn't make him any less cute.
It might make him more cute actually. Because he's this tiny little being and he has this big "don't mess with me or I'll hurt you" attitude.
He thinks he's so tough.
It's pretty hilarious.
His favorite thing in the whole world lately is to chew on cardboard toilet paper rolls.
Yep. The life of a bunny.
He appreciates the love though (it's gone to his head actually) and I'll try to share some more photos of him soon for all you fellow bunny lovers!