A Girl Named Leney


Life According To Instagram

This week I...

-Shared a new favorite photo
-After a year or two or three of wanting one, I finally bought a typewriter! And for only $25 too. Granted, she needs a little fixing up and some ribbon but soon she'll be as good as new.
-Got some new free shoes (not that I need another pair of brown leather shoes...)
-Visited Urban Farmhouse's new location
-Talked about a few things currently going on
-Sent some koala's off to their new homes
-Made a New York to do list for my next visit
-Constantly ate breakfast food (I still don't understand people who skip breakfast)
-Finally figured out what I wanted to do with my yarn from my New Mexico trip
-Talked about a cause
-Started working on the new blog design with Bri! So super excited.
-Actually had a WEEKEND for once. Praise the Lord.

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