New York Deli

I found these photos on my hard drive from a year or two ago and I thought I'd add them to the list of Richmond restaurant posts!
New York Deli is yet another unique and fun restaurant we have here in RVA.
One of our oldest in fact, it's been around since 1929!
While I've only been a few times, I've always enjoyed it each time I've visited.
Their carrot cake and bruschetta are especially delicious.
Though maybe not together.
My favorite thing though is the authentic photo booth in the back of the restaurant!
The only one we have in Richmond, to my knowledge (those lame ones in the mall don't count).
It definitely adds charm and character to the place.
If you haven't been yet, you need to check it out!
Oh, and when you go make sure you get a window seat.
Cause people watching is fun.


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