Snow Day

We don't get much snow here in Richmond.
When we do, we all kind of freak out about it.
Usually overly so.
Mostly because we hardly ever see it, but also because the weather man always says this is going to be "the big one", in which we will all be stuck in our homes for two weeks and so we better go to Walmart and stock up on eggs and milk as soon as possible.
And it never fails, we always believe him. 
Even though he's been saying this for the past twenty years.
It's pretty silly.
Well, it did end up snowing on Thursday, (our first of the winter and of 2013) and it's pretty much all gone now.
Which is fine by me.
I think I have about a month left of liking winter.
And then I'll want spring to be here.
Though I am getting a lot of knitting done.
So that's nice.