A Girl Named Leney


Be In Love With Your Life

Be in love with your life. 
Every minute of it. 
///Jack Kerouac

I came across these words yesterday, ones that I've saved on my computer in a document full of similarly inspirational words to inspire and encourage and uplift whenever the need arises.
I thought about how often we forget to be in love with our lives.
How we let the daily tasks, errands, lists and worries get us down.
How we frequently forget, or choose not to, see the good and lovely things in those tasks, errands, lists and worries.
How easily we forget to love.
And there are so many things to love too.

Don't look past them so easily.
Don't forget to be in love with your life.


Today I'm In Love With

Peanut butter//the way knitting needles feel in my hands//those daily phone calls//a fresh new month//hot water bottles//old photos//the smell of freshly baked bread//waking up to the sun//weekend plans//free craft supplies//Lewis and his bunny nose

photo cred: meagan abell (as usual)