Life According To Instagram

This week I...

-Was interviewed and featured on Melissa's blog The 25th Hour! 
-Shared some photos of a dear friend
-Found a new obsession
-Snuck rainbow cookies into a movie theatre. That's probably a first.
-Shared a little video I made!
-Posted some more photos from Europe! Here and here. I know you're probably tired of these, but I'm doing it for me. And for my friends who went with me and keep bugging me to hurry up and finish posting them...
-Guest posted on Meagan's blog with another outfit post!
-Made a new cowl from my Scotland yarn! It's so cozy. I love it. I look like a turtle when I wear it.
-Tried my darndest to get ready for California! I still have a lot to do but I'm trying to stay motivated and productive! My eyes are starting to hurt with how much I've been in front of the computer lately though...

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