Ryan Scarberry

Meet Ryan.
He's a talented musician.
One whose music I've sorta kinda been listening to for the past two years now actually!
(He was totally cool when I admitted this too. Not at all creeped out by my fan girling and being all "hey I saw a show you did two years ago and I've loved your music ever since!" At least he was really good at pretending not to be creeped out...)
In all seriousness though he's a great guy who was really nice and laid back and let me have the freedom of taking photos however I wanted to, which was awesome.
 I had a lot of fun shooting photos of him and a couple of his friends in their recording studio, which was a new experience for me and one that I hope to have again sometime!
(*Hint hint* to all you musicians out there... Hire me to come take photos of you!)
Enjoy the photos and be sure to check out Ryan's...



You won't be sorry you did!

Good Day is my personal favorite song.
Just in case you wanted to know.


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