I've Got The Month Of May

Photo cred: Meagan Abell

May has been so very good to me.
There have been beautiful not too hot, not too cold, almost-summer-nights filled with good conversation, notebooks and journals bursting with new, happy and interesting thoughts and revelations, fun lists made, ears filled with new music, cameras chock full of photos, rolls of film in need of developing, new freckles, new books, weddings and engagements, some goodbyes along with some hellos, an astounding amount of new likes on the Facebook page (I still just can't get over it, you guys are awesome), the most profitable month yet with my business, new loves, discovery and many many new and exciting adventures, dreams and plans in the works.
Pretty much all of my favorite things.

Thanks for being swell May.
I know you'll be just as lovely next time you come around, but thanks for being especially nice this time.