Life According To Instagram

This week I...

-Shared some beautiful words that have spoken to me lately
-Had several successful photo shoots, including a bridal, wedding and styled shoot that I'm exceptionally excited about!
-Went to see The Great Gatsby. It was amazing. I'm already planning on seeing it again when it comes to The Byrd! If you haven't seen it yet, you need to! I'm this close to re-reading the book again. I'm obsessed I tell you.
-Talked about how I love shooting at night 
-Felt like traveling again (then again, when do I not?)
-Shared some photos of a beautiful lady on a beach
-Spent some good time with good friends
-Talked about how I, as a photographer, see the world
-Posted one of my favorite engagement sessions to date!
-Was thankful for the rain that came when I wished for it last week
-Celebrated my beautiful and amazing Mother, who is incomparable. I love her dearly. 

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