Shot with 35mm film/Minolta x-700

I've become somewhat of a morning person this past month or so.
There's something rather lovely about waking up and getting your day started when the sun is getting started too.
It also has to do with the feelings of this quote.
Coffee has also become quite a routinely thing for me in the mornings as well.
I don't even think it's really the aspect of "I have to have it or I will be a zombie for the rest of the day", because honestly I'm quite fine without it (then again maybe I'm just not addicted yet). 
But I like the routine of it. 
The act of going downstairs, heating up a cup of it and walking back upstairs with it to do devotions and check email and get my day started.
It's nice to have little routines sometimes.
It gives you a starting point for things.
A point at which you can know how things are going to turn out afterwards and plan accordingly from there.
Granted we should always hold our routines loosely and remain flexible, because there will inevitably be unforeseeable changes and interruptions at times, but I think it's okay to have them still.
Just so long as they don't become the end all be all for us.