Steven & Kelsey

Meet Steven and Kelsey.

I had such a great time location scouting for this country themed engagement, but I had an even better time actually shooting it!
It's couples like Steven and Kelsey that make me love what I do.
Capturing their love during this shoot was crazy easy.
Because you only have to be around them for a few minutes to see that they really do love each other.
Watching them interact was hilarious and such a joy to be around.
I love couples like that!
Couples who are comfortable with who they are, with one another, laid back, outwardly selfless in the way that they love and care for one another, and who bring out the best in the other person simply by being with them.
What an awesome testimony of what God calls us to in marriage, don't you think?
Speaking of which, I can't wait to shoot their wedding!
But in the meantime, enjoy the photos of these two cuties.


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