A Girl Named Leney


Matt & Savannah

Meet Matt and Savannah.
Basically one of the cutest and funnest (yes, I pretend that's a word) couples I've ever had the pleasure of doing a shoot for.
They were so much fun to watch as they interacted with one another.
Not to mention I got to do it in front of this beautiful yellow wall, which I've driven past for years and always wanted to incorporate into a photo shoot.
But anyway, you can tell these two are just best friends, which is such an awesome thing to see in a relationship. They are just so fun loving and goofy with each other. Which is pretty much a dream when it comes to super cute candid shots.
I actually like candid photos more than posed ones.
For isn't that a more genuine and real moment captured?
One that's spontaneous and unplanned?

Side note: Savannah pretty much can't keep a straight face, ever.
Which I absolutely love about her, she has so much joy and happiness about her, it's infectious and I love being around people like that.
But I'll stop talking now and let you see for yourself.


See? Told you they were the cutest.

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