A Girl Named Leney


Summer Knitting (Or Lack Thereof)

Airport Knitting 
Shot with 35mm film/Minolta x-700

Knitting is put unintentionally on hold come summertime.
I don't know exactly how it happens, but all of a sudden, I wake up one day (usually shortly after March hits) without the urge/need/desire to knit.
Which, for those of you who know me well, know is a pretty constant urge/need/desire.
So constant in fact that I have, more than once, contemplated knitting at stoplights...
I haven't yet.
But I've thought about it.

But anyway, overnight my instinct to constantly supply myself/others with knitted articles to keep warm vanishes instantaneously.
Much like when a bear wakes up from hibernation I suppose.
It's pretty odd.
However, I was especially obsessed busy with knitting this past fall and winter so I thought perhaps this would, against all previous history and former testaments to the contrary, be a knitting summer.
But it's not.

Granted, I've been keeping up with orders I get from the shop, which are mostly just koala bears and elephants and other various knit animals (which is to be expected. I don't know anyone in their right mind who would wear this or this in the summer heat. Especially coupled with humidity) but that's the extent of it.

A few of you have recently commented on the fact that you're excited to have found a blog written by another fellow knitter, however I thought I should just let you know that there will probably be few knitting updates here over the next few months.
But come September things will go back to normal, and all you knitters can be gratified once more in the fact that you are not alone when it comes to knitting in movie theaters or the embarrassing I-Won't-Ever-Admitt-How-Much amount of money you spend on yarn, or the moments when you drop your skein of yarn out of your bag but the knitting stays inside and you walk several city blocks before you realize what's happened.....

Regardless, I'm still a knitter.
I just take a little vacation during the summer months.
Because, once again, I don't care if it's cotton, it's still too hot to be holding a bunch of fuzzy string in your hands and lap.
Especially in Richmond's humidity.