A Girl Named Leney


Summer Reading

I always have an extremely long list of books I want to read.
So if I made a list of all of them, if that's even possible, it would take forever and you would probably not even bother to read it when it was all said and done, because it would look so overwhelmingly long and endless!
However, here are a few I'm hoping to get to this summer...

To Read

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn
Anne Frank: The Diary of A Young Girl
The People of The Abyss
This Side of Paradise
My Life In France
Judy Garland: A Biography
Half Broke Horses
The Paris Wife
The Silver Star

To Re-read

Alice In Wonderland
The Glass Castle
Pride and Prejudice
The Help
Lord of The Flies

What about you? 
What are you hoping to read in the upcoming months?