A Girl Named Leney


Summer To Do List

California Shot with 35mm film/Minolta x-700

So Summer doesn't technically start until June 21.
But you know what, it's the first day of June and man it's hot enough out there to feel like summer so I'm still gonna post this.

Summer To Do List

Drive In Theatre
Beach beach beach beach
See The Great Gatsby at The Byrd Theatre
Go to some farmers markets (additionally: find and eat some country style donuts while there)
Visit Poe Museum
Visit Holocaust Museum
Get typewriter working
Do the Color Run
Take some road trips alone
Go to the park and read lots and lots
Watch Pride & Prejudice at least once
Go star gazing
Flying Squirrels game
Have multiple slurpees at 7-11
Attend at least two concerts
Shoot more film
Build a fort
Read every spare moment possible
Go the the VMFA every spare moment possible
Drive along Blue Ridge Parkway
Attend a few First Friday's
Try some new Richmond Restaurants
Do something incredibly brave that I've never done before
Go sailing
Get better at free lensing
Spend more time outside
Have brunch at Can Can
Re-watch Flight of The Conchords
Re-watch Gilmore Girls
Enjoy some summer rain
Go on an adventure that requires a back pack at least once

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