Things I Love Thursday: A Spoon Ring

For this week's Things I Love Thursday I'm sharing my spoon ring.
This was once my Momma's when she was my age.
I've had it since I was about thirteen and it's remained my favorite ring ever since.
I remember wearing it to various momentous occasions throughout high school, including prom, graduation, the first day of that monumental photography class etc. 
Then again, I pretty much wore it every day so none of that's really all that notable.

I've almost lost it countless times, once even while I was in England, but it's always found it's way back to me. 
I know it's pretty silly but it's come to mean a lot to me and I hope I'll be able to pass it on to my own daughter one day.
I'm a big believer in heirlooms and keeping things for future generations. 
(Much to the potential chagrin of my future husband who is probably going to ask, more than once, why in the world I am keeping that creepy doll, or that weird dress that I wore to my first dance, or that Batman Pez dispenser... among other things.) 
I just think there are some things we should keep around because they tell special stories, and without these things we'd forget how to tell them. 

Just so long as you aren't holding onto so many things that you're a potential candidate for that show about hoarders...
Which I'm not.