A Girl Named Leney


A Video

So on my summer to do list I had an item which simply stated: 

"Do something incredibly brave that I've never done before"

I wasn't really sure what that was going to be, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself this summer and step outside of my comfort zone a little bit more. 
Well, yesterday I visited my oh so lovely friend Janelle, who you've seen here on the blog one or two times, and we ended up making a little video.
Not just any video though, a video in which I play ukulele
And sing. 
Sing. Me. Singing. So everyone can hear me. Out loud.
Okay granted I've sung in front of people before, a couple times actually, on a little mini stage even, in the cutest little country church you could ever lay your eyes on.
But that was as a back up vocalist. You couldn't really hear me. And I definitely wasn't the center of attention.

I'll give you a little bit of a background story...
Janelle came to visit me a few weeks ago and I was walking around my room cleaning and absentmindedly singing to myself, when all of a sudden she stops me and goes:
"Leney, can you sing??" 
I was startled, not really aware she'd been listening, and so I said:
 "Umm.. I mean no not really.."
Long story short she sat me down, made me play her a song, and she proceeded to freak out and insist that I had (what she calls) "A voice".
So that's basically how this all came about.
I'm still pretty shy about it and I'm a little unsure about all of this as a whole to be honest. 
I do really enjoy singing and playing though and have ever since I taught myself guitar in high school actually (Taylor Swift songs were my particular area of expertise). 
I just haven't ever had much confidence in my musical abilities and I've pretty much just kept it to myself because I never really thought I was very good.  
So maybe it'll just be another one of those "somethings" that I do just for me.

But anyway, I'm being brave in sharing this video with you guys today so I hope you enjoy it!

You should definitely check out Janelle's music though. 
Like, right now. Go listen to it. And then buy it.
Because it's only $5 and she's amazing.
Talk about a voice.
(Honey and Come to the Creek are my personal favorites.)  

P.s. The audio on the video is a bit delayed for some reason. Oops.