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Glenn & Christine

Meet Glenn and Christine.

I loved this engagement session for so many reasons.

One being that Glenn and Christine were pretty much one of the cutest and most fun couples ever and made my job super duper easy by being themselves. Which always makes for the best candid shots. 
Another reason was because they brought their scooter. I mean hello, how fun is that??

And then of course there was the fact that we did it at one of my all time favorite places here in Richmond: 

Talk about inspiration galore.
I definitely have to give them a shout out for letting us come after hours to take these photos. 
Everyone was so sweet and accommodating, so thanks heaps guys!
Not to mention the bar tender in Amuse gave Christine and Glenn some free shots!
Which of course made for some fun snapshots as well.
(Okay okay no more cheesy puns I promise...)
Anyway, I'm so excited for their wedding in the fall which I also have the honor of shooting!
These two are definitely going to have one amazing and super fun day.
Can't wait to help celebrate it with them. 

I shared a little more than usual today because I just couldn't decide which ones were my favorite. 
I'm a little bit in love with all of them.
Hope you don't mind!
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