A Girl Named Leney


Kourtney and Callie Rose

My dear friends Kourtney and Callie Rose (who is more commonly known by her nickname, "Kalzone") are headed off to Thailand this fall to do some missions work over there for a few months. I'm so very excited for them and can't even wait to hear about all the stories and experiences I know they're going to bring back with them on their return!
These girls are such a blessing in my life. They are both so filled with joy and love and are a constant encouragement to me in so many ways. I just love them to pieces. I know they're going to be open for God to work through them in whatever way He has planned while they're over there. 

We had heaps of fun taking these photos for their support letters and they turned out so cute I figured I'd share them here today and give them a little shout out!
If you feel led to help support them in any way, whether through prayers or financially, feel free to email Kourtney (kourtneyhetrick@gmail.com) for more info or give via paypal through this link.

Love you two so very much! I know God's got some amazing things in store for you and the people you'll be coming into contact with over the next few months. 
"I exhort you."

 Mark 16:15