On Writing

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I write a lot.
I don't really consider myself a writer though.
Mostly because my writing's are more of a personal venture I suppose, not really shared with many people.
They're mostly just random scribblings and doodles of whatever my mind needs to work out or get out at the time.
Or lists of seemingly-unimportant-but-actually-important things.
Or detailed descriptions of problems or events that I'm working on understanding.
Or accounts of moments I don't want to forget.
I've kept a journal pretty consistently since I was eleven. Though technically my first one was at age eight, I hardly kept up with it. Not to mention the sort of things eight year olds write about is hardly deep or meaningful reading material, though it might be fairly amusing.
(I will leave this unexplained and up for creative interpretation)

I think it also just comes with being a documenter.
I love documenting things.
Whether it's in photos or in words.
I like creating things that capture little moments just as I want to remember them.

I mostly write for me though.
Which I think is the way it should be with some of the things you love.
We all have to have something we do for just us.
This is my something.