A Girl Named Leney


A Manic Monday

Photo from this shoot

So this Summer has been a huge whirlwind of events.
In a wonderfully good way. 
But also in an oh-my-gosh-how-is-it-already-almost-september-where-did-the-time-go-make-it-slow-down-please kind of way too.
This week is an especially crazy one.

The shop has picked back up again rather quickly now that fall is in sight and everyone wants knits to keep them warm. I've had a crazy influx of orders to work on these past few weeks which has been really awesome, but also very time consuming on top of my photography work.
(This sweater in particular has gotten a lot of attention and has nearly 1000 favorites! 
I'm still a little blown away by this.)

Other things I have to do this week include making 16 flower crowns, seeing The Great Gatsby at The Byrd (because I mean, hello, it's on the summer list), catch up on emails, submit some material for a few things I'm being featured on (can you say exciting!?), learn some new songs on the ukulele for a fun project, get together some belated birthday and wedding gifts, catch up on some accounting, get ready for a few upcoming out of town trips and a few many a lot 439 other things.

Needless to say I've had to repeat this verse to myself quite a lot lately to remind myself to not be overwhelmed and just take things one day at a time.
Check lists help too.

So this Monday's been a little bit of crazy one, but it'll all work out.
It always does.