A Girl Named Leney


Confessions of A Knitter

“Despite what we knitters know to be true, the non-knitting world somehow persists in thinking that a "knitter" looks a certain way. Most likely, this picture is one of an elderly woman, grandmotherly and polite, sitting in her rocking chair surrounded by homemade cookies and accompanied by a certain number of cats."
-Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

While I consider myself to be a fairly polite person and rather fond of rocking chairs, I am far from elderly, I'm allergic to cats, and my baking skills are very decidedly lacking in accuracy...

Been knitting/crocheting up a storm over here.
The influx of orders over the past month or two have been so crazy. But I love it. 
Like I mentioned in this post, knitting gets put aside during the summer months. So I'm over the moon excited that it's getting chilly again and I can knit away to my hearts content once again. 

I've already been working on some new designs for the shop this week. Designed and knit one sweater  in particular which I'm in love with (you can see a preview of it on instagram: @agirlnamedleney) and which will hopefully be photographed and listed soon.

Speaking of sweaters, this one is still as popular as ever! I still can't believe it was featured on Etsy's Facebook page a few weeks ago.
How crazy is that?

Seriously though, thanks heaps to all you wonderful individuals who've purchased something from the shop recently/ever.
You guys make my heart happy.

And for those of you who haven't...
What're you waiting for?