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Fashion Friday: A Lace Dress

I love this dress.
When I saw it in the store (during a trip to DC actually) I had one of those moments that I sometimes have on occasion with inanimate objects. 
Whether it's a beautiful addition of a book, that perfectly flowered upholstered chair, the pretty blue china tea cup that matches the set you have at home or that pair of leather shoes that are so perfectly and imperfectly worn and broken in. 
Whatever it is, you see it and you just revel in its beauty and you just know it has to belong to you because how could you not take something so lovely home with you to be yours?
So anyway.
I had one of those moments with this dress. 
And so after carrying it around the store for a good hour trying to talk myself out of it (because, honestly, I don't need another dress....), and trying it on and then putting it back and then trying it on again, I finally bought it. 
Because I just couldn't not buy it. 
And I knew I'd regret leaving without it. 

I think that if I were a slightly more casual/whimsical person, I would have saved this dress for my wedding day. 
But I saved it for a different day instead. Which ended up being a rather lovely day all the same.
And I think it won't be its last.

P.s. Yes, yes I am wearing a flower crown.
You can call me a hippie if you so desire. 
That's fine. 
I'll just laugh and go dance in a field barefoot somewhere.

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Outfit details

Dress- H&M
Belt- Vintage
Shoes- A random little shop in NYC (Also seen here)
Flower crown: DIY
RingThis Etsy shop

All photos by Meagan Abell