Maddie & Taylor | Engaged

Meet Maddie and Taylor.
Actually, you long time readers may remember meeting them before.
It's been a while since those last photos were taken, over a year and a half actually, but now I'm over the moon excited to announce that these two are engaged

Not gonna lie, this engagement session is one that's very different for me personally because, for starters, Maddie is my high school best friend. Additionally she's actually the first really close friend of mine to get married.
 Makes me feel like life's kind of speeding by in a way. I mean, marriage? What?
It seems like yesterday that we were sixteen and going to movies in our footy pajamas, thrifting flowery dresses, being obsessed with all things Batman/Christian Bale and driving aimlessly down back country roads blasting Taylor Swift (hey, you know you've done it too...)
Regardless, as bittersweet as it might be to see her reach such a big new phase in her life, I'm so happy for her and support her and Taylor both 110%!

This lady really is very near and dear to my heart to say the least and so I was obviously excited when she asked me to be the photographer at her wedding. Doing these engagement photos with them only got me more excited about it. I feel really blessed to be able to share one of the biggest days of her life with her in this way. 

And though I don't know Taylor as well, since he came into Maddie's life more so after she went off to college, I know that he's an amazing guy.

I really can't imagine anyone more suited for Madds in any way. 
He treats her like the gem she is and I wouldn't let him have her if he treated her as anything less. 
I remember being there in the early stages of their relationship, when they were "just friends", and watching their progression into dating. I knew early on this guy was different, even pointing out the fact that he liked her way before she would even admit it.
There was one time in particular when I went to visit Maddie at school and we sat in one of the study lounges and she read me a letter that he'd written her (side note: guys who write girls letters are keepers). It was right before they were dating and she was asking my advice about the timing of getting into a relationship with him and what I thought about it. I remember how excited she was about the possibility of their friendship being something more and I knew that this was only the beginning of a really beautiful thing.

So anyway, there's a little bit more photos than normal, but I wanted to share all of my favorites.
And, well, they're basically all my favorites.
Maddie and Taylor, I love you both dearly and I'm so incredibly happy for you two. I know God's got a lot of really beautiful plans for your future together (it's "pregnant with possibility" actually) and this is indeed only the beginning of a really beautiful thing.



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