A Girl Named Leney


Shop Update

Super excited to announce a mini shop update today!
I'm currently working on redoing a lot of the current listings photos to acquire a more unified and put together look (having a mish-mash of photos up there at the moment kind of drives me a little bit crazy) and hopefully in the process I can efficiently add some of the new knits I've designed as well! 
(This one in particular is my current favorite)

I'm a little bit in love with these photos, which I know is kind of weird to say, because I'm in them... so that sounds rather vain... but honestly I just really love the way Meagan captured the colors and textures in these photographs. Especially with the back drop of this beautiful city of ours.
Speaking of which, I'm hoping to incorporate more of RVA into my Etsy shoots in the future so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more of it in the upcoming weeks!

Anyway, a huge shout out is in order for Meagan
Many of you hear me talk about her all the time (or see the 458 photos of us together on instagram) but seriously... this girl works magic. She's officially my life photographer. I love her not only for the beautiful art that she produces, but for the irreplaceable friendship we've developed over this past year. She's become one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters in my artistic pursuits and it means the world to me.

Go check out her site and Facebook page and show her some love!

And then head on over to the shop to stock up on some knits because it's getting cold out there!
(I'm literally wearing a scarf at my desk as I type this actually. So I'm not even just saying that to make you buy stuff)

In order of appearance:

 All photos by Meagan Abell