A Girl Named Leney


I'm Going To Be On TV!

Photo cred: Meagan Abell

So guess what friends?
I'm going to be on Virginia This Morning on CBS6 news this Monday at 9am!
I'll be doing a short segment with a knitting demonstration as well as having a few models feature some of my knits! I'm pretty excited about it. Though immensely nervous. I mean live television?! Where I have to talk about... stuff? And I don't get any do-overs? Or take two's?
Hopefully I'll hold it together and won't laugh nervously too much...

But anyway, all you Richmonders should tune in!
And if someone wants to tape it for me that'd be super.
If you can even do that now a days without VCRs...
Do people even still own VCRs?
Can you tape things on DVDs?
Can you even still tape things?

Clearly I'm very technologically gifted...
I'll just stick to knitting.