A Girl Named Leney


Up With The Sun

I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning, taking advantage of that extra hour from daylight savings, and it feels really nice to have gotten my day started already. 
A resolution for this season is to wake up earlier on a regular basis. 
Something that's always easier to have resolve for Saturday afternoon when you're awake and in the warm sunshine as opposed to Sunday morning when you're all bundled up in blankets in your cold room...

A few early morning thoughts:
Working on some new designs today for the shop, keep an eye out for an update next week!
I have a photoshoot later that I'm pretty excited about.
I wish I was brave enough to leave my iPhone out of its case all the time. It's just so much prettier this way.
The Facebook Page reached over 1,000 likes yesterday! How crazy is that??
Morning Light is one of the most beautiful things.