A Girl Named Leney


An Update

Photo cred: Meagan Abell

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. 
It has been pretty crazy around here these last few weeks. 
I've knit/crocheted a total of 53 items for the shop since the beginning of the month. At least I think that's right. It's at least that if not more... it's kind of hard to keep track...
(I'm not even talking about the end of Novemeber. When I had an order that included 6 pairs of mittens...)
On top of that I've had quite a lot of photo editing to do (the process of which was not helped when my computer decided it wanted to die for a few days earlier this week).
All of this is on top of trying to maintain my own Christmas shopping, booking weddings for next year, answering daily emails, keeping up with friends and family, church, trying to get some semblance of a good night's sleep on more than one or two nights out of the week and all of the other 984 normal life things that pop up on a daily occurrence (about that oil change...)
It's been a very busy month to say the least.

I actually sent out the last Christmas orders today which was a huge relief to get done. Now I just have a few left for some local peeps/family members and then of course I need to get started on all of the orders that are already due after Christmas.
Not gonna lie, I'm kind of looking forward to things slowing down a bit after the holidays so I can knit something for myself again!
Not to mention get started on new designs and ideas. Which are always running around in my head.
I'm already thinking about how I want to redo some things for next year. I want to have a brand new feel and look with my shop and I've been thinking a lot about it. I've loved where it's gone this season, it's been so much fun, but I have a whole new direction I want to take it in that I think will be more of what I've been working towards and will encompass more of my everyday style and aesthetic.
 I'm already getting pretty excited about it.

So keep an eye out for some more changes in the upcoming year!
And if there's something you like in the shop now you should go snag one sooner rather than later because it might not be there in the next few weeks. ;)

On a sort of related note I really can't believe it's Christmas already. I feel like I really got into the holiday spirit earlier in November, and then all of my busyness swept me up and carried me off in a tangled web of stress and distraction and I forgot/didn't have time to do any of the Christmas-ey things I normally do.
That plus a lot of the traditions I'm used to didn't happen this year, which threw me off. And then of course there's the whole there-was-less-time-between-thanksgiving-and-christmas-this-year-than-there-normally-is thing.
So with about 5 days to go I'm definitely going to make them count.
Because gosh darn it my lack of festiveness certainly isn't from a lack of love for this glorious holiday.
I'm no grinch.
Speaking of which I need to watch that... who wants to come over and have a sleepover/christmas movie marathon with me because I've only watched one and a half and another half....
(those two halves were different movies so obviously they don't make a whole)
I have however been eating lots and lots of Christmas cookies.
So there's that.

Okay I think that's enough of a ramble from me for one night.
Hope you're having a super wonderful Christmas season so far and spending it in all of the right and most important ways (ie: not like I am, on my phone, in the above photo. Granted, that was in Chicago, and I didn't have any other photos to go with this post. But I digress.)

P.s. Sorry for all of the run on sentsances. It's late.

P.p.s. If I haven't told you all enough lately, you're awesome. I couldn't be doing any of this without you and you make my heart happy. Thanks for your constant encouragement and support.
It means the world to me.