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Fashion Friday: Born and Bred

I haven't done a Fashion Friday post in quite some time.
So I decided to finally do a mini one this week! Hello 2014 and all. 
These were taken in Chicago (photos from which I am still going to share, once I catch up on work more, I promise!) when Meagan and I were wandering around on our free day. 
So many fun spots to explore and photograph.
We were in heaven. 

I'm wearing one of my new favorite sweatshirts (I'm a bit of a sweatshirt connoisseur) courtesy of Born and Bred. They're an awesome all-American shop filled with super cool hand printed and hand sewn shirts, jackets and even this pair of leggings that I'm trying not to buy.
(I did say no shopping this month... Although, I mean, there's a boat on them... how much more perfect can they be? It's not like I miss sailing or anything.) 
I actually have one or two other things from their shop as well so I might be a little obsessed.
You should definitely go take a look see though because they have some smashing stuff!

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P.s. Yes I'm knitting in that one photo. Do you really expect anything less?

Outfit details
Scarf- Made by yours truly! Similar in my shop here
Shoes- Thrifted also seen here and here (because they're the best shoes to shoot weddings and travel in)
Bag- Baggu
Pants- Levi's
Coat- Forever 21

All photos by Meagan Abell