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Goals | January

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A new year, a fresh start.

We're all making new goals and resolutions this time of year and cliche as it may be, I think it's a really important thing to do. I think wanting to improve and become better for yourself and others around you is an admirable thing. Plus, who doesn't want to just start off the year feeling good?

So this year, along with the rest of you, I have my own set of goals, resolutions, plans and dreams.

I spent the first week of this year figuring out what I wanted them to be and while it's still a work in progress, I'm excited for what I'm aiming for this month.

I make lists constantly.

If you read my blog on even a somewhat frequent basis that quickly becomes apparent.

The reminders app on my iPhone is pretty much my favorite thing. I'm always adding and checking off things throughout my day. Not only on there, but on the work to-do list clipboard I have hanging on the wall by my desk in addition to various lists I write daily in my calendar.

(I sometimes even write things on my lists that I've already done just so I can check them off... but we don't need to talk about that...)

This year however I wanted to really be purposeful with my goals for 2014.

My tendency is to just make a non specific, never ending, uncategorized list for the year (with items ranging from "go to that new restaurant" to "write letters more" to "clean out closet" to "be more positive") and then just sort of have at it.

This method however is pretty overwhelming and needless to say I never really get very far with accomplishing things on my list.

After recently picking up The Happiness Project again (after a failed attempt to read it a year or two ago), I was inspired to instead make monthly goals and have specific themes and projects along with those goals each month. This way I have a game plan, a few specific things to work on, and I have a more focused plan for things I want to change and get done.

This idea is pretty closely modeled after the book, however I've added my own modifications and as the months progress I plan on modifying the subjects and goals even more and adjusting to what works best for me.

But to start off the year I decided to just go with the basics.

So, for this month's goals:

January | Creating Good Habits

Go To Sleep/Wake Up Earlier

  • Read or journal before bed instead of getting on Facebook again or looking at a screen
  • Don't stay out past midnight on week days
  • Make a work schedule. Write it down. Stick to it. No more knitting at 4am trying to keep up with orders...
  • Get up with the sun

Exercise Better

  • Make a work out schedule. Write it down. Stick to it.
  • Always exercise on Mondays. I don't want to work out on weekends (I'm usually pretty active on weekends anyway) and so I think it's pretty essential to starting off the week this way
  • Get outside
  • Don't skip exercising for two days in a row
  • Don't link exercise to weight loss. Sanity > vanity.
  • Spend money on exercising. It's worth it. 

Toss, Restore, Organize

  • Clean up my inbox and unsubscribe from unwanted emails and subscriptions via Unroll Me
  • Clean out bookmarks on computer
  • Resolve to crave and create an existence of order and serenity
  • In regards to clothing: fewer choices actually make you happier than more choices. Get rid of stuff.
  • Try this method of storing clothes
  • Also in regards to clothing: No shopping this month
  • If something can be done in one minute- Get it done. ie: Stop dropping scarves and jackets on that one chair...
  • Outer order creates inner calm
  • Happiness comes not from having more, not from having less, but from wanting what you have
  • Listen to just positive music this month. Restoration of a different kind. 

Eat Better

  • No sweets for the month of January. I've actually been eating less sweets over the past few months in general and I've found that I don't even crave or want those things anymore really (with the exception of donuts. Obviously.) However with the holidays I got a little off track so I'm resetting my cravings by abstaining for the month!
  • When debating between less and more, always choose less. Especially when eating out. When I'm indecisive about it, I always regret getting more. It's not like I can't order more if I need to later...
  • Drink more water. Eight cups a day is the popular recommendation. This means filling my 24oz water bottle about 2 1/2 times. Not that hard... right?
  • Take Vitamins

Tackle a Nagging Task

  • Write them all down. When overwhelmed with all that I have to do, write it all down, get it all out and then go from there. This will help put things into perspective. 
  • Set up easy successes to feel motivated and accomplished before tackling something bigger.
  • A few specific nagging tasks to tackle this month: 
  1. Get type writer fixed and working
  2. Get a Post office box
  3. Write thank you notes
  4. Get oil changed in car
  5. Put Christmas stuff away
  6. Make a list of what my core values are for my business
  7. Mend that pile of clothes
  8. Clean out and organize bookmarks on computer
  9. Mount and hang Etsy map

Act The Way I Want To Feel

  • I have power over my thoughts and emotions. They do not control me.
  • Have a quiet time every morning
  • Smile. Especially when I don't feel like it. 
  • No one is in charge of my happiness but me!

So the hope is that by focusing on a set theme of goals for one month instead of a whole bunch, I'll be able to create good habits and routines with them and so when I move on to the next month full of goals I'll naturally/already be doing the previous ones.

After all it takes about 21 days to form a new habit!

Or so they say...

So we'll see how this goes.

I'm actually pretty excited about it. And the thought process behind blogging about it was that you all can help hold me accountable... ;)

Plus I read somewhere that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them than the ones who didn't. And that telling a friend increases this rate to 78%.

So there.

On another note, there might be some months that I decide not to share here on the blog, depending on how in depth and personal they are, but I did want to start the year of with at least sharing these.

Please keep in mind that I am not an expert at any of this by any means. I'm also not suggesting that these habits and goals are ones that everyone should take on. Especially health wise. We are all created beautifully unique and as a result what works for one may not work for the other, and that's okay!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about how you plan on keeping your own resolutions and goals this year!

And, since a lot of you asked, tomorrow I'll be sharing a post full of resources I found helpful when creating this list of goals.

(I actually meant to share it today but Blogger decided to eat it and then delete it... So tomorrow I'll re-write it for you!)