Taking Stock

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Inspired by Bridget, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.


making: new pretty spring/summer things for the shop. cannot wait to share with you all soon!
cooking: kale. hello new love affair.
drinking: peanut butter and banana smoothies. can't get enough.
reading: love does by bob goff. everyone should read this book. no really. do it.
wanting: to see the baby cheetahs at our zoo already! i mean they're teenagers now. i need to see them before they're all big and old and not as cute.

hurry up: any time i finally get to go to the beach. i am so ready.
looking: for the perfect kimono. because, despite the infatuation i have for this one, i cannot afford it.
playing: these podcasts. love love love them.
wasting: isn't something i feel like i'm doing much of lately.
sewing: nothing at the moment. but i'm thinking about adding some leather things to the shop over the summer...
wishing: i could justify getting this dress
enjoying: time with family
waiting: to see how long all these plants i keep buying are going to live... #blackthumb
liking: this video
wondering: how people just don't eat donuts
loving: coconut oil. who new all of it's miraculous ways? not this girl.
hoping: i can stick to the early hour i've been waking up at this week. because it feels pretty fabulous.
marveling: at new beginnings 
needing: the newest best coast album on vinyl
smelling: rosemary
wearing: grey sweatshirts (i have like... 4... that's okay right...)
following: the adventures of julia and yuriy. always.
noticing: greenery and flowers popping up overnight. so much happiness.
knowing: the the mamas & the papas record i picked up at a vintage shop today will be playing on repeat for a while
thinking: about bleaching my dark blue converses. anyone done this before?
bookmarking: this post. for forever. such a heap of good words. and wonderfulness. please go watch the video that's mentioned here as well.
opening: a bag of banana chips cause these things are the best
giggling: at baby cheetahs. always.
feeling: anticipation