Five Cities

 New York, Richmond, Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh
Shot with 35mm film // Minolta x-700

I got some film developed recently.
I've said before that I don't shoot film often. Well, I do, but only one shot here and there. The allotted 24 exposures often extend across a timeline of a month or two. Containing only one moment from a certain day, or a certain week, that I deemed memorable. 
It's not always the case when shooting digital. 
The ability to capture and re-capture moments often tarnishes their beauty and sacredness. 
But film, film allows for me to be more thoughtful, more purposeful. And though often the photos themselves are not as beautiful or breathtaking as they would be if I'd shot them on less than a whim, with a better camera or with higher technology, that's often why I love them. 
Perfect in all their imperfections. 
As the cliche goes.

These five photos are of five cities I've travelled to in the last five months. 
Five cities in five months. 
(I've technically been to more than those five... But these are the five I captured on film)
It's funny, you don't realize how often you're gone until you pause and look back from your constant going. 
Traveling is something that I will always love. And while I still have more I want to do, this year in particular, realizing I've already done a fair amount in the first half of this year calms down the travel bug in me a bit. Remembering I've already done a lot, somehow lessens my need to do.
It reminds me, yet again, to just be where I'm at. Practice contentment. New adventures will come in their proper time. 
A lesson I am ever always, always, re-learning.