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Adventures | Raleigh (Again)

I was recently in Raleigh North Carolina again
Got to do a little bit more exploring and found even more cool places. 
I actually just happened to stumble upon most of these spots.
Which is honestly the best kind of exploring. 
When you're just wandering around, open to whatever you might come across.
The Morning Times is one of the neatest coffee shops I've been to in a while. Everywhere I go in my travels I look for a unique, local, coffee shop. Because good coffee shops, really good coffee shops, are a rare art form. Most either have good atmosphere (which is a category of judgement all on it's own. Good lighting, nice seating, good noise level to work in? So many necessary specifications...) but the drinks are only so-so or vice versa.  I always get super excited when I find an awesome one. This one is definitely on my return-to list whenever I'm back in town. I only wish we had it here in Richmond. It was the perfect spot to do some photo editing at for a few hours. And their chai tea was super delicious.
(Then again I think most chai tea's are super delicious. I'm not hard to please.) 

Father & Son Antiques was also one of the best antique shops I've visited in a while. Definitely could have spent several hours in there. 
And Art Space had a really awesome installation of art. One gallery in particular, featuring artists Courtney McCracken and Tracy Spencer-Stonestreet, was my favorite. I really loved their work and the ideas behind their pieces. Very thought provoking. You can actually read about it here if you like.
And of course I had to go back to Boylan Bridge Brewpub
Couldn't resist getting that avocado BLT a second time... 

Places Pictured