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Actively Waiting

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There have been a lot of reoccurring lessons for me lately.
One of them being: 
Waiting is an active thing, not a passive thing.

That and that I need to be engaged.
Engaged in my life, in my circumstances, in my relationships, especially my relationship with God. 
These things take effort, are worth effort. Just being, and letting them go along without attention on my part, is definitely something I could do, but that's not how I can get the best out of these things.
God wants us to always be engaged in our circumstances, in our lives.
After all, as the cliche goes, we only get one.

But back to the waiting. 
I feel like there's a lot of waiting for the "not yet". 
Or, at least, I've been tempted to notice all of that stuff more so as of late, the "not yet" stuff, than what's here and now.

However, I realized that if I'm sitting around waiting for the next thing all the time, I'm never going to be content with what I have now and where I am at this moment. 
There's always going to be a next thing to wait for. 
It's okay to wait for things, to be excited and anticipate something different then what I currently have. 
But not to the point where I lose sight of the right now and what's here in front of me.

Because so very often what's right now, and here in front of us, used to be a "not yet" thing. Something we were waiting for. Anticipating, wanting, hoping for, praying for, crossing our fingers for, working our butts off for.
 But now it's arrived, and it's in our possession and so in it becoming our "right now", it's no longer an anticipated "not yet".
We let it lose it's value. 
So don't let things lose their value.
Remember your "right now" used to be a "not yet" and you were once really really anxious for it to get here.
So now that it's here, enjoy it. 
To the absolute possible most fullest.

Side note:
Additionally I'm learning that waiting for the "not yet" is not a solitary thing. 
I'm not alone in the waiting. 
He's here, right here, where I am. 
And He's not going anywhere either. 
He's going to wait with me as long as there is something to wait for. 
But while I'm waiting, I have to be active. 
And now I'm just repeating myself, so... end note.