A Girl Named Leney


The Desire

Photo Cred: Meagan Abell

"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide" | D.W. Winnicott 

The desire to hide.
I think it's a feeling we've all experienced from time to time. 
No matter how confident and outgoing we may be. We are all on occasion going to be out of our comfort zone, whether it's in a new social setting or in facing an unfamiliar challenge.

I've recently come out of a season like that.
And I think it's a good thing, to be there, in that place of wanting to hide.
Because you're being challenged.
And it's in being challenged that you (or at least I) often discover the things that make your life the most beautiful and the things that are the most important.
Which you can so easily forget when you're in a state of comfort and sameness.
So it's a good thing.
That desire.

So I'm grateful for those seasons of discomfort, of challenge, of wanting to hide.
(Not always of course, especially in the midst of it, but it's always easier to be grateful in hindsight isn't it?)
But I'm also grateful for the others.
The ones where I know I'm exactly where I need to be, where I feel fully alive and able to completely communicate my ideas and passions and express fully who I am and what I want to do and be.
But isn't that the key to it all?
To be content in whichever season you're in.
Something I feel like I'm always striving for.
Which is actually kind of an oxymoron if you think about it. Because striving, defined in and of itself, goes against the feeling of being content.

Hmm... I'll have to think more about that one.