A 40mm Pancake Lens Review

So in light of this months goals, I recently invested in something fun.
The oh-so-cute 40mm f/2.8 lens. 
I've had my eye on this lens for awhile and I've been reading various reviews, but this one by Dylan and Sara finally sold me.

I'm seriously already in love with this lens.
 In my opinion, for the price and it's size, it's so worth the investment.
For various reasons. 
I personally have a really hard time sometimes with taking my camera out when I'm going to a casual event, just hanging out with friends or just heading out the door to see what adventure I come across.
  Not to mention the beach, the river, or other outdoor activities.
Sometimes I just don't really want to keep up with the $3500+ of equipment (since I almost always shoot with my 50mm 1.2) I have on my shoulder, not to mention how heavy and bulky it is.
And sometimes I just want to be a little more inconspicuous and not draw so much attention to myself (don't get me wrong, the 50mm is amazing and I am still very much in love with it. But sometimes it's just a bit much for my every day activities).

But with the 40mm on it's so much easier to just grab and go and I'm not worried about someone bumping into it in a crowded venue, or (heaven forbid) if it got stolen I wouldn't be as devastated as I would if I had my 50mm on (these are the things I think about sometimes... possibly over thinking but hey, it could happen...)

I went for a walk the other night with it and shot some photos to test out it's low-light performance and while it, of course, is nowhere near the capabilities of the 50mm 1.2, I still got some shots I really liked. To be honest though, comparing it to the 50mm isn't really fair anyway. But it's the only other lens I shoot with on a regular basis so it's what I have to compare it to.

I also took it sailing last weekend (another situation I don't really want to have my 50mm in all the time.... Hello waves and sunscreen and salt water) and I got some really good images then. It was also surprising how nice it was to have that extra little bit of width for my shots.
Especially on the close quarters of the boat.

I've been trying to free lens with it some, which is a bit hard to get the hang of, but it's very different then when you free lens with the 50mm. Mainly because you have to focus the lens before you unmount it. Still doable though.

Overall though, again, I just love it. It's the perfect mini addition to my camera bag.
Especially for my constantly on the go, wandering, traveling self.
Plus, how cute is it's name?
If I was a pancake eater I totally would have done a mini breakfast shoot with it on a plate of pancakes. ;)

Anyway, that's all of my two cents on the matter.
I'll be posting some photos taken with it soon!

All photos taken with my phone and edited with VSCO cam.