Places I Do Not Care To Be

any public restroom anywhere
video game stores
short pump
in the middle seat on a plane
fancy jewelry stores
the back seats of cars

Stuff I Don't Understand

the simpsons/family guy/every adult cartoon ever
discovery channel's shark week
how to make button holes on sewing machines
why everyone likes zombies so much

Things I Want To Watch But Never Get Around To

bridget jones diary
any of new girl past season two
annie hall
the breakfast club
the cider house rules
the new superman
golden girls

Things I Don't Have Time For

people with bad attitudes
the term "lol"
instagram videos (i honestly don't know why i bother making them because i never watch anyone else's...)
cooked mushrooms
flip flops
keeping up with twitter
window shopping (it's either shopping or no shopping... don't tease me like that)
reading the fault in our stars

Things I Like That Are Kind of Weird

hardware stores
those gooey glittery plastic fake fish things you use to fish with
pouring the milk then the cereal
driving with the windows down when it's cold outside

*these lists are subject to change