Adventures | Nashville

One of my adventures over the summer was a trip to Nashville Tennessee. It was my first time in Nashville, first time in Tennessee actually, and so I was excited to explore the city of music people all over the country love so much.
(Not to mention I've been watching the show Nashville... Hey, I like country music okay. Don't judge.) 
I had a lot of good food, heard a lot of good music, made some new friends, explored some cool spots, photographed some wonderful people (more posts on that coming soon) and had an all around great trip.  
I even saw Taylor Swift's house.
 At night, from really far away.
But I still saw it. 


Until next time Nashville.

Places Pictured

Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge
Really cool to visit at night. Such a beautiful view of the city.

Kind of random, still don't 100% understand why this is here, but it was neat to see...?

Centennial Park
Pretty place to walk around and feed baby ducks. I mean who doesn't like feeding baby ducks? (and crashing random business parties with live music... but that's a story for another time)

The Bluebird Cafe
Technically just saw the outside of this famous little place, didn't have time to stand in an all day line for a show. Maybe next time.

Grand Ole Opry
Of course I had to go here. It's Nashville tradition right? I didn't end up really knowing any of the people we saw that well, but everyone was so great and it was such a fun show. We did see Striking Matches who were awesome and, unknown to me, wrote a handful of the songs on Nashville. So that was cool! And Kip Moore did a really heartfelt acoustic set. I loved this song in particular.

The Johnny Cash Museum
Major fangirling over here. I spent a good 2+ hours in this place. I love me some Johnny Cash.

The Listening Room Cafe
One of the best places I saw live music at. There's a cover charge, but it's totally worth it. The artists we saw were so talented and it was such a good set of music.

Frothy Monkey
Only had a beer here, and it was super crowded when we went, but it was a fun atmosphere! I'd definitely go back.

12 South Taproom and Grill
The food we got here was okay, but they have a nice outdoor patio area.

Such excellent service, and the fried green tomatoes were some of the best I've ever gotten. I don't remember what that special sauce was, but with that and the pimento cheese they were amazing. Kind of still having dreams about them. Also: they bring out this super yummy/savory popcorn while you're looking over the menu. So yea. Pretty much fell in love with this place.

Rock Bottom Restaurant
There's a rooftop bar that's a really great spot at night (I imagine it'd be great during the day as well but I was only there at night). You can look out on all of downtown Nashville and it's beautiful.

Fox's Donut Den
I mean, there are donuts here. Enough said right? Okay no but really, get the "cronut" (a croissant/donut) when you go. Literally one of the best things I've ever eaten. The girl who was working was so lovely as well and gave us some extras for free cause it was our first time.

Their quinoa dishes were so good. Got one of each so my friend and I could split and try a little of both and they were pretty large servings anyway. The iced chai wasn't bad either.

BookManBookWoman Books
Didn't have a ton of time to look around here but they had heaps of lovely books. I always have the hardest time when I travel and I run across wonderful little book stores like this. I always want to buy 34 different books but I have no hope of getting them into my suitcase, back on the plane and back home. It's always fun to look though.

Because if course you have to go to a record shop (or three) when you're in Nashville.

Lawrence Record Shop
Another place I didn't have a ton of time to look around in, but they definitely had a ton of vinyl!

Acme Feed & Seed
This is technically a restaurant, but they had a little market set up on the side with fair-trade and handmade goods and a bought a super beautiful scarf there by the company FashionABLE which creates sustainable long term jobs for women in Africa.

Haus of Yarn
Because everywhere I go I find a yarn shop to get some yarn for the travel blanket.

Imogene + Willie
I'll actually be doing a separate post with these guys, but this was one of my favorite places I visited in Nashville. If you're ever there you have to go.